Lo Mejor de Abril 2013 / Best April 2013


Best April 2013

01. The Yum Yums / Play Good Music
Let’s Go Baby
02. The Gateway District / Old Wild Hearts
Tell You Why
03. Primitive Hearts / High & Tight
Must Be Nice
04. The Braces / Two Years
05. Alkaline Trio / My Shame Is True
She Lied To The FBI
06. Frank Turner / Tape Deck Heart
We Shall Not Overcome
07. The Fleeting Ends / Our Eyes Are Peeled
Sing, Groupie
08. Labradors / Growing Back
09. The Lightwings / Sleeping Is Not For Dreamers
Maybe Another Day
10. Face To Face / Three Chords & A Half Truth
Three Chords & A Half Truth
11. Cold Feelings / American Industry
12. Plow United / Marching Band
Get Low
13. Miss Chain & The Broken Heels / The Dawn
Tell Me Why
14. Marc With A C / Popular Music
The Proper Amount Of Snare
15. Young Statues / Age Isn’t Ours
16. The Moans / From Underground
Poor Poor Igor
17. Smalltown / XII
I Gotta Go
18. Natalie Hiong / Beautiful Mess
Little Heart
19. The Left Behind / Volume One (We’re Already Gone)
I Don’t Want To Go Home
20. Griffin House / Balls
21. Dawes / Stories Don’t End
From A Window Seat
22. Grape St / A Date With You
Young Man’s Game
23. The Allrightniks / Nothing’s What It Seems
So Glad
24. Restorations / Lp2
Civil Inattention
25. Chase Hamblin & The Roustabouts / Vaudeville
Quiet Life

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