Lo Mejor de Agosto 2013 / Best August 2013

Lo Mejor de Agosto 2013 / Best August 2013


1. Youth Avoiders / Youth Avoiders
Oil Slick
2. Big Eyes / Almost Famous
Nothing You Could Say
3. Free Energy / Love Sign
Girls Want Rock
4. Dan Vapid And The Cheats / Two
Cold And Rainy Days
5. The Rescues / Blah Blah Love and War
Under The Weather
6. ONSIND / Anaesthesiology
7. The Airborne Toxic Event / Such Hot Blood
True Love
8. Banquets / Banquets
The Flicker And The Flame
9. Mikal Cronin / MCII
I’m Done Running From You
10. The Begging Sea / The Distance
Old Soul
11. David Myles / In The Nighttime
What Would I Have To Do
12. Mike Pinto / Truthful Lies
Without A Fight
13. Vincenzo Scutchartney / Glass House
14. Mike Krol / Trust Fund
15. Pretty & Nice / Golden Rules For Golden People
The Frog
16. Relient K / Collapsible Lung
Can’t Complain
17. Stephen Kellogg / Blunderstone Rookery
Good Ol’ Days
18. The Breakup Society / So Much Unhappiness, So Little Time…
The Next Reunion
19. Vampire Weekend / Modern Vampires Of The City
Worship you
20. Suede / Bloodsports
21. The Prozacs / Is This How It Ends
22. The Shirks / The Shirks
I Don’t Want To Work It
23. The 88 / Fortune Teller
Deep In Your Heart
24. The Postelles / …And It Shook Me
Caught By Surprise
25. Justin Kline / Doormat
Mr. Victor

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