Lo Mejor de Noviembre 2013 / Best November 2013



01. The Crunch / Busy Making Noise
Street Flavour
02. Vegas With Randolph / Rings Around The Sun
Nikki’s Plan
03. The Pride Of Erie Pa / Let’s Start A Band
Angelina Wants Blood
04. The Charlie Watts Riots / A Break In The Weather
When You’re Around
05. Babyshambles / Sequel To The Prequel
Seven Shades
06. Kevin Devine / Bulldozer
She Can See Me
07. Nikki Hill / Here’s Nikki Hill
Right On The Brink
08. Arcana Has Soul / Easy Living Room
Easy Living
09. Southport / Southern Soul
Little By Little
10. Direct Hit / Brainless God
Bank On Elevators
11. Rodeo Ruby Love / The Pits
The Problem
12. Two Cow Garage / The Death Of The Self Preservation Society
The Little Prince And Johnny Toxic
13. Groovy Uncle & Suzi Chunk / One Vowel Away From The Truth
The Money Shot
14. The Love Triangle / Clever Clever
Do You Think That You’ve Found Love
15. Giuda / Let’s Do It Again
Rave On
16. Tiger Bell / Don’t Wanna Hear About Your Band
Look Into My Eyes
17. The Sensibles / A Bunch Of Animals
I’m A Brat
18. Timmy Sean & The Celebrities / East Coast Girls
You’re Still On My Mind
19. The Sugar Spiders / Letters From Home
20. Razika / På Vei Hjem
21. Manic Street Preachers / Rewind The film
As Holy As The Soil (That Buries Your Skin)
22. Reno / Reno
A Tu Manera
23. Light Years / I Won’t Hold This Against You
Put Myself Together
24. Radiator Hospital / Something Wild
Your Boyfriend
25. Kings Of Leon / Mechanical Bull
Family Tree

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