Best Of April



Best April 2014

01. I Am The Avalanche / Wolverines
The Shape I’m In
02. Pantones / ¿Quién Quiere Primavera?
Atrapado En El Tiempo
02. Mega / Life Sucks, But I’m Okay
The Art Of Ruin
03. The Offenders / Generation Nowhere
Face The Power
04. Greg Ieronimo / Bipolar Love
Catch Me
05. Little Murders / Go
American Cool
06. The Keefs / Better Late Than Never
08. The Singles / Look How Fast A Heart Can Break
Turn The Other Way
09. The Split Squad / Now Hear This…
Feel The Same About You
10. Petter Baarli / You Petter B. Goode
The Best
11. Drowners / Drowners
Long Hair
12. The Menzingers / Rented World
In Remission
13. The Bite / Right Down Your Alley
Tv Personality
14. Manchester Orchestra / Cope
See It Again
15. Gameface / Now Is What Matters Now
The Quiet Type
16. Johny Skullknuckles & The Kopek Millionaires / Always At Never With
The One That Got Away
17. The Dollyrots / Love Songs, Werewolves, & Zombies (A Dollyrots Acoustic Album)
$100 Milf (Acoustic)
18. The Twins / Tomboys On Parade
19. No Sinner / Boo Hoo Hoo
If Anything
20. The Mother Z’s / Permanent Collection
21. Evil Arrows / 1 + 2
Last Living Doll
22. Dee Cracks / Beyond Medication
Summer’s Gone
23. Pt Walkley / Shoulders
Don’t Forget About Me
24. Porco Bravo / Porco Bravo
25. The Pontchartrain Wrecks / The Pontchartrain Wrecks
Anyway, Anyhow

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