Best Of OCTOBER 2014

01. Ransom and the Subset / No Time To Lose
Girl I’m Not Afraid
02. The Roughneck Riot / Out Of Anger
03. Joe Sullivan / Schlock Star
Okinawa Girl
04. The Solicitors / Blank Check
If You Let Me Hold You
05. Los Pepes / Los Pepes For Everyone
Alone In The City
06. Sunshine State / Pour
07. The Holy Ghosts / Ride Them Down
We Were Kings
08. The Copyrights / Report
Away We Go
09. Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs / Gates Of Hell
Gates Of Hell
10. Johnny Popstar & The Luv Explosion / Whining & Crying
Don’t Ban The Wolfman
11. Actual Water / Call 4 Fun
Power Pop Radio
12. The Teamsters / The Teamsters
The Queen Of Suave
13. Ukulele Clan Band / No Sugar
Dear Dog
14. Rancid / …Honor Is All We Know
In The Streets
15. The Hip Priests / Black Denim Blitz
Motherfucker Superior
16. Hostage Calm / Die On Stage
When You Know
17. Weezer / Everything Will Be Alright In The End
Lonely Girl
18. Chuck Prophet / Night Surfer
Love Is The Only Thing
19. Gary Douglas / Just Another Mile
Every Time I Pray
20. Wank For Peace / Fail Forward
Twelve Cheese Sticks
21. Kris Rodgers & The Dirty Gems / Headlines
Leaving Town
22. The Vaselines / V For Vaselines
Crazy Lady
23. Benjamin Booker / Benjamin Booker
Wicked Waters
24. Trigger Hippy / Trigger Hippy
Nothing New
25. Matt Charette / Back East

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