01. The Posts / The Posts
Turn Around Girl
02. Los Hermanos Dalton / Revolución!
Lo Mejor Está Por Llegar
03. Team Spirit / Killing Time
04. Lester Greenowski / It’s Nothing Serious Just Life
Pussy Galore
05. The Apers / Confetti On The Floor
Moonlight Kisses
06. The Ships / The Summer Of Our Lives
Better World
07. Nick Santino / Big Skies
Long Way Home
08. Captain Ivory / Captain Ivory
Bottle & A Penitentiary
09. Bend Sinister / Animals
I Got Love
10. PornoSurf / Un Verano Sin Fin
Otro Verano Más
11. Nude Beach / 77
For You
12. Feral Trash / Trashfiction
Dead Weight
13. Sarah Dooley / Stupid Things
Teenage Elegance
14. The Smith Street Band / Throw Me In The River
Calgary Girls
15. Jenn Grant / Compostela
Trailer Park
16. Sweet Empire / Old Ideas Keep Fighting Us
17. Lisa Mychols 3 / Lisa Mychols 3
Back To The Truth
18. RAF / Come On!
We Are The Mods
19. Daniel Wade / One For The Void + Rising Moon Anxiety
Snake Rattle
20. I Can Make A Mess / Growing In
Call Me Everything
21. Select Start / Apologetics
22. Jeremy Fisher / The Lemon Squeeze
Happy Day
23. Duncan Reid And The Big Heads / The Difficult Second Album
C’est La Vie
24. The Vines / Wicked Nature
Out The Loop
25. Cowbell / Skeleton Soul
Change Her Ways

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