BEST 2014


01. The Posts / The Posts
Turn Around Girl
02. Masked Intruder / M.I.
You’re The One To Blame
03. The Bat Bites / The Bat Bites
04. The Frinchers / On Your Knees Mccartney
My First Time
05. Dirt Box Disco / Bloonz
I Swapped My Brain
06. The Tripwires / Get Young
07. The Hot Veins / The Hot Veins
Let’s Get Screwed
08. Los Pepes / Los Pepes For Everyone + Tonight
Alone In The City
09. The Fab Mods / The Girl Next Door
The Day You’ll Go Away
10. Los Hermanos Dalton / Revolución!
Lo Mejor Está Por Llegar
11. Spunk Volcano & The Eruptions / Injection + Spunk Volcano & The Eruptions
I Can’t Stop Thinking About You
12. The Warm Fuzzies / Extinction + Songs About Dan
13. Paul Heaton And Jacqui Abbott / What Have We Become
The Right In Me
14. Jesse Stone / Break Of Day
15. Ransom and the Subset / No Time To Lose
Girl I’m Not Afraid
16. I Am The Avalanche / Wolverines
The Shape I’m In
17. Tear Them Down / Their Fault, Our Problem
Bomb City
18. Pantones / ¿Quién Quiere Primavera?
Atrapado En El Tiempo
19. Black Heart Breakers / Black Heart Breakers
20. Brand New Hate / Hangover And Over
Scream Girl Scream
21. Ramma Lamma / Ice Cream
Hot Stuff
22. Team Spirit / Killing Time
23. The Roughneck Riot / Out Of Anger
24. Friends Of Cesar Romero / Cinco Seis + The Hold-Teisco Telstar Stomp
Do The Fatigue
25. Mike Barnett / Everybody Gets To Dream
Late At Night
26. Goodman / Isn’t It Sad
27. Will And The People / Whistleblower
28. Chris Devotion & The Expectations / Break Out
Don’t You Call On Me
29. F.O.D. / Tricks Of The Trade + Something More
Little Princess (For Lente)
30. The Copyrights / Report + No Knocks
Away We Go
31. Joe Sullivan / Schlock Star
Okinawa Girl
32. Lester Greenowski / It’s Nothing Serious Just Life
Pussy Galore
33. The Solicitors / Blank Check
If You Let Me Hold You
34. Bombshell Rocks / Generation Tranquilized
Poison Radio
35. Braceface / Braceface
Stupid Songs
36. Sleeper Agent / About Last Night
Me On You
37. The Deadbeat Poets / Hallelujah Anyway
Johnny Sincere
38. The Tearaways / The Earle Mankey Sessions Vol. 4 + Vol. 7
I Don’t Know And I Dont Care
39. Sonic Avenues / Mistakes
Too Late
39. Sunshine State / Pour
41. Shovels & Rope / Swimmin’ Time
Stono River Blues
42. The Dead Girls / Noisemaker + The Beast Inside
Better Wait
43. Cheap Girls / Famous Graves
7-8 Years
44. Buffalo Clover / Test Your Love
The Ruse
45. Dirt Royal / This Is Now
Factory Fodder
46. Johnny B. Zero / Mayday
Planted Like A Tree
47. Justine / D+/M /
Je M’en Vais Ou Je M’en Vas L’un Et L’autre Se Dit Ou Se Disent
48. Martha / Courting Strong
Bubble In My Bloodstream
49. Mystery Date / Love Collector + You And Your Sister
You And Your Sister
50. The Apers / Confetti On The Floor
Moonlight Kisses
51. The Nuclears / This Is How We Party
Baby You Know I Love You (But You Gotta Stop Bringing Me Down)

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