mixtape best records april 2015

01. Red City Radio / Red City Radio
Whatcha Got?
02. Jeff Rosenstock / We Cool ?
03. Ghost On Tape / Into The Maze
Loser Dream
04. Sam Vicari / Giving Up
Lost In Oblivion
05. Mujeres / Marathon
She Brought The Darkness
06. Secret Army / Ravaged
Old Manners Boys
07. Love Axe / South Dakota
Such A Waste Of A Good Thing
08. Circa Waves / Young Chasers
Good For Me
09. Turbo Fruits / No Control
The Way I Want You
10. Teenage Bottlerocket / Tales From Wyoming
Can’t Quit You
11. Texas Oil / Rocket Fuel
Can’t Come Home
12. Millencolin / True Brew
Believe In John
13. Urinals / Next Year At Marienbad
Close Our Eyes
14. Spanish Love Songs / Giant Sings The Blues
15. Surf School Dropouts / Second Nature
Destination Sunshine
16. Maladroit / Freedom Fries & Freedom Kisses
I Missed The First Band
17. Dwight Yoakam / Second Hand Heart
18. Gentlemen Prefer Blood / Used Books And Guns
Paper Lions
19. Oh! Gunquit / Ear Yuppies And Dance
Voodoo Meatshake
20. Success / Radio Recovery
Revolution Schmevolution
21. Ramona / The Yellow Line
22. Caskitt / This Machine Kills Sadness
Friday Night Lightweights
23. Meghan Trainor / Title
Dear Future Husband
24. Alex Stern / Singles Bandcamp I
What She Wants (She Gets)
25. Punchline 13 / Cut The Rope
Sitting On A Star

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