Riccobellis / We Are On A Mission


We Are On A Mission (2015)

Ricobelis https://records1001.wordpress.com/

More Info

SONGS VALUE TOTAL  COMPENSATION  5***** 14                63    4,5000           5,2000               7 01. I hate posers (like you) 4**** 02. She was the one 4***** 03. I better lock myself at home tonight 4**** 04. I wanna live my life like Dee Dee Ramone 5***** 05. You are my baby on LSD 5***** 06. My girlfriend doesn’t like scarface 4**** 07. Dance with you 5***** 08. Drunk and high 5***** 09. I wanna kill you this Saturday night 4**** 10. I don’t want to strangle you 5***** 11. Love me darling 4**** 12. You were in love with Tommy Ramone 4**** 13. Lucy 5***** 14. Somebody to love 5*****

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