best albums november 2015

 01. The Webstirs / Now You’ve Really Done It
Mystery Spot
02. The On And Ons / It’s The On And Ons Calling
Before Our Eyes
03. Outtacontroller / Television Zombie
Long Lake
04. Jennie & The Slingers / Tales Of The Unexpected
Money Cat
05. Above Them / Water Lane
Old Friend
06. The Aim / What A Way To Earn A Living
07. The 905s / Shake Down
Hard Heart
08. Daveit Ferris / July
I Wouldn’t Sink So Low
09. The Saucy Jacks / You Make Your Own World
Summer’s Almost Over
10. Jetbone / Magical Ride
Fifth Time Loser
11. Laika’s Orbit / No Matter What It Takes
Our Mistake
12. Blockhouses / Blockhouses
Love To Get You High
13. The Most / Invasion Completed
14. The Black Tape / Artifacts
15. Jeff Lynne’s Elo / Alone In The Universe
Ain’t It A Drag
16. Young Buffalo / House
17. Las Señoritas Estrechas / Solo Piensan En Divertirse
Bailando En El Nueva Visión
18. Vista Blue / Good Eye
Tommy Broke The Water Cooler
19. Black Diet / The Good One
20. Nikki Puppet / Disco Inferno
People Like U And Me
21. Laura Stevenson / Cocksure
Happier, Ect.
22. Absinthe Rose / Black Earth
Step Right Up
23. Elvyn / Valley Of The Kilowatt Hour
Here We Surrender
24. The Turnpike Troubadours / The Turnpike Troubadours
25. Fortunate Soul / Friday Night
Friday Night

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