Mixtape Best December 2015

01. White Reaper / White Reaper Does It Again
Wolf Trap Hotel
02. Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities / Sincerely Yours… Greatest Hits Vol. I
Rocket Car
03. The Jetz / Cracked Up
Find Another Way
04. One Man Karaoke / Friends United
05. Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott / Wisdom, Laughter And Lines
I Don’t See Them
06. Party Lights / I See The Lights
He’s Gonna Hurt You
07. Coke Belda / Nummer Zwei

You’re Not In Love
08. Jukebox Zeros / Count To Ten
Snot Rocket
09. Sarah Shook & the Disarmers / Sidelong
Keep The Home Fires Burnin’
10. Giuda / Speaks Evil
It Ain’t Easy
11. Thee Jenerators / The Devil’s Chords
Daddy Bones
12. Shurman / East Side Of Love
East Side Of Love
13. Seth Timbs / New Personal Record
14. Danny Yau / Do You Think We’ll Live Here Forever
Courtney’s Moving To Newtown (To Start A Band)
15. Dan Bern / Hoody
Terra Haute
16. Gary Showbiz / Tall Tales, Tidy Towns
Lunchtime Love
17. Sham 69 / It’ll End In Tears
Power To The People
18. The Go Set / Rolling Sound
Struggle & The Fight
19. Vintage Trouble / 1 Hopefull Rd
Strike Your Light
20. Earl Burrows / No Love For The Drowning
Delicate Ribbon
21. Six String Yada / Diluted Roots
Cumberland Gap
22. Gregory Pepper & His Problems / Chorus! Chorus! Chorus!
Come By It Honestly
23. Just Jeffrey / Coffee, Tea & Me
World Made For Me
24. The Indelicates / Elevator Music
Beyond The Radio Horizon (115 Light Years)
25. Chris Murphy / Ghost Town
Merry Go Round

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