01. Fuzzy Vox / No Landing Plan
Told You Before
02. Cais Sodre Funk Connection / Soul, Sweat & Cut The Crap
03. Waco Brothers / Going Down In History
Had Enough
04. Ginger Wildheart / Year Of The Fanclub
05. Muncie Girls / From Caplan To Belsize
Gas Mark 4
06. Nervous Twitch / Don’t Take My Tv
I’m Sorry That I Made You Cry
07. Royal Republic / Weekend Man
My Way
08. Steve Dawson / Solid States And Loose Ends
Loose Ends
09. Johnny Stanec / Farewell, Sadness
The Future’s Promise & The Dying Breath
10. Modoc / Automatic & Voluntary
I Feel Nothing
11. Dressy Bessy / Kingsized
Pop Phenom
12. Christopher The Conquered / I’m Giving Up On Rock
Everybody Rains
13. Shineth / The Naked Truth
Good Reason
14. Steven Page / Heal Thyself Pt. 1: Instinct
15. Amòrica / La Nueva Carne
Radio y Dj
16. Kitty In A Casket / Kiss & Hell
Lurking In The Dark
17. Romp / Departure From Venus
Last Year
18. Propeller / Fall Off The World
You Remind Me Of You
19. Violent Femmes / We Can Do Anything
Traveling Solves Everything
20. Lake Street Dive / Side Pony
Spectacular Failure
21. Rick Springfield / Rocket Science
All Hands On Deck
22. Johnny Rawls / Tiger In A Cage
23. Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons / Homemade Vision
Nothin’ But Trouble
24. Local Neighborhood Outlaws / That’s How It Goes
Bastard Kid
25. Lqr / 10 Pinter

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