01. The Bidons / Clamarama
Backdoor Man
02. Glenn Robinson / Unimpressed
03. 1-800-Band / High Beams
Jackie’s Wrong
05. Watts / The Black Heart Of Rock-N-Roll
Up All Night
04. Wild Animals / Basements (Music To Fight Hypocrisy)
The Empire Strikes Back
06. Ulysses / Law And Order
Law And Order
07. Sam Vicari / Blunt
If You Still Care
08. No End In Sight / Invasion
Beverly Hills Gangster
09. Crash And The Crapenters / Set In Stone
Lou Ferrigno
10. The Gooch Palms / Introverted Extroverts
Trackside Daze
11. Purses / Obsess Much
Wheels On The Run
12. Randolph’s Leap / Cowardly Deeds
13. Arliss Nancy / Greater Divides
Don’t You Forget
14. Sci-Fi Caper / Star Stuff
15. Cupid’s Carnival / Everything Is Love
16. Dot Dash / Searchlights
Woke Up Saturday Night
17. Starbenders / Heavy Petting
Paper Beats Rock
18. Twins / Square America
Mary’s Sister Margaret
19. Ken Sharp / New Mourning
Let’s Be Friends
20. Kaliyo / Spring – Summer
I’m Home
21. Hidden Agenda Deluxe / Pan Alley Fever
Tulsa Shining
22. Dark Thoughts / Dark Thoughts
Nothin To Do
23. The Dowling Poole / One Hyde Park
Willing To Change
24. Skin Of Tears / Fake My Day
Tonight Tonite
25. Black Pistol Fire / Don’t Wake The Riot
Hard Luck

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