The Pride Of Erie Pa / Spring Break Forever
The Queen Loves A Fool
Four Lights / Death To False Posi
Whiskey Whoas
The Breed / Play My Game
Cloud Nine Girl
The Boss / No School Blazers
Invisible Kids
Private Instigators / The Case Files Of The Private Instigators ReOpened
Too Pretty For Prison
Metropolitan Farms / Oafish Twist
Curbside Recycling
1881 / Lights + Camera + Action!
Sometime Next Week
Danger Signs / Reset
Won’t Be Me
Boys On The Wall / Boys On The Wall
Death By Unga Bunga / Pineapple Pizza
Tell Me Why?
The Manolones / God Save The Queer
She’s The One
The Pynnacles / My Oblivion
Tom Blood’s Blues (My Oblivion)
Hunters / Dead End
Autos Detroit / Second Best
All I Know
Bayside / Vacancy
Jagger Holly / Dj Free Europe
Friday Night
Hakan / II
The Pack A.D. / Positive Thinking
So What
The Real Me / 12 Songs About Love And Stuff
Oh Jen
Batfoot! / Cut The Cord
Humble Pie
Behind Deadlines / Status Quo
Making Change
Deadly Fists Of Kung Fu / I Don’t Feel Tardy
Larry! You’re Electric
Fredrik Kumlin / This Road
Before I Think Of Her
The Conquerors / Wyld Time
Telling You (It’s Alright)
Crying / Beyond The Fleeting Gales
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