001. Wanna-Be’s / Out Went The Lights
What I Want is You
002. Good4nothing / Melodic-Holic
Love Saves All
003. 311 / Mosaic
One And The Same
004. Danny & The Champions Of The World / Brilliant Light
Waiting For The Right Time
005. Foxtrot & The Get Down / Roots Too Deep
Roll Down the Road
006. Uptights / Time + Space
Love in the Future
007. Huge Puppies / Cynocracy
008. Paddy And The Rats / Riot City Outlaws
Join The Riot
009. The Soapgirls / Societys Rejects
Rather be dead
010. Rise Against / Wolves
Mourning in Amerika
011. The Putz / Clinically Inane
Time To Shave
012. The Volcanics / Oh Crash…
Natural In A Way
013. Punch Punch Kick / Punch Punch Kick
What The Kids Don’t Know
014. Royal Podencos / Broken Bones
Break Us Down
015. Sundressed / A Little Less Put Together
A Little Less Put Together
016. Brenyama / Euphoria Love
017. Roger Clyne And The Peacemakers / Native Heart
Hello Tiger
018. The Relationship / Clara Obscura
Break Me Open
019. Waters / Something More!
Second Guessing
020. The Last Man / Still Waiting
Missing You
021. New Swears / And The Magic Of Horses
Halos in Hell
022. Joakim Tinderholt And His Band / Hold On
What About Love
023. Freak Genes / Playtime
Mind The Gap
024. Cheers! / Daily Bread
025. Erik Chandler Band / The Truth
Tonight’s the Night

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