BEST MUSIC SEPTEMBER 201701. Love Psychedelico / Love Your Love
Good Times, Bad Times
02. Together Pangea / Bulls And Roosters
Friend Of Nothing
03. The Singles / Sweet Tooth
04. Deer Tick / Vol. 1 + Vol. 2
It’s A Whale
05. John Seymour / Some Sort Of Epic Grandeur
Can’t Believe
06. The Cheetahs / The Cheetahs
Girl of Doom
07. Colin’s Godson / The Timely Demise Of Colin’s Godson
08. Flamin’ Groovies / Fantastic Plastic
Crazy Mazy
09. Girls Go-Yle / We Are Girls Go-Yle
10. The Doughboys / Front Street Rebels
Sink or Swim
11. The Leeches / On The Line
12. Dylan Ireland / Every Other Night
Silver Screen
13. Grande Royale / Breaking News
Got To Move
14. Hightown Pirates / Dry And High
Million Reasons
15. Jamie 4 President / The Heartbreak Campaign
Power Ballad Prince
16. The Classmates / Between The Lines
17. The Safes / Tasty Waves
18. The Sold! And Bones / Full Circle Suicide
I’m Right! You’re Wrong!
19. Toads Of The Short Forest / Mindmover
20. Cheap Whine / Cheap Whine
21. Juliette Seizure And The Tremor-Dolls / Seizure Salad
22. The Woggles / Tally Ho!
Waiting For The Rain
23. Monoeyes / Dim The Lights
Free Throw
24. Somerdale / Maggie Says It Again
The Coolest Kid In The Room
25. Lipstick Generation / Lipstick II

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