001. Mo Troper / Exposure & Response
Big School
002. Plan 37 / Say Goodbye
Already Here
003. Booze & Glory / Chapter Iv
Last Journey
004. Gary Jeffries / I Ain’t Done Yet
Country Born Blood
005. Alex Loggia / Bluestar
Abduction ft. Madaski
006. Big School / Mint
Jenny Becker
007. The Barbecuties / Eternal Dorkness
Vegan Nazi Bitches
008. The Beaches / Late Show
Sweet Life
009. The Bawdies / New
010. Bob Butfoy / Deliverance
Kat O’ Nine Tails
011. Heather Newman / Burn Me Alive
I’m Through With You
012. Mamá / Toque De Queda
Acto de Fe
013. Brandon Calhoon & The Tobacco River Band / Let It Ride
Heres To You
014. Freewheel / Fresh Ice
I’m In Love
015. Sammy Brue / I Am Nice
I Know
016. Poppermost / Songs For The Different
Let It Shine
017. Midland / On The Rocks
Make A Little
018. Mrs. R&B & The Soulshakers / The Two Tone Tracks
Cadillac Baby
019. Frank Carillo & The Bandoleros / Rail To Kingdom Come
Greed As Art
020. Nightmen / Can’t Avoid Success
Summer Shakes
021. The Minus 5 / Dear December
Festival Of Lights (Hanukkah Song) [Feat. Mike Mills]
022. The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men / Roll With It
Nothing Like Your Love
023. The MSGS / Chuck
She Don’t Love You (And She’s Gonna Break Your Heart)
024. Bad Cop/Bad Cop / Warriors
025. Anti -Flag / American Fall
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