001. Chelsea / Mission Impossible
Suit In The Spotlight
002. Daniel Christian / Coffee + Toast
It’s Perfect
003. The Moms / Doing Asbestos We Can
Soup Song
004. Jonathan Coulton / Solid State
Ordinary Man
005. Seether / Posison The Parish
Sell My Soul
006. Walter Trout / We’re All In This Together
We’re All In This Together (Feat. Joe Bonamassa)
007. Boys Order / Do The Wild Cat
Midnight Triangle
008. New Day / Sunrise
Jupiter and the Farmer
009. The Surfin Burritos / The Surfin Burritos
All Over You
010. Louane / Louane
011. Sails / On My Way Out
Thinking About You
012. The Prozacs / Exist
Cortexiphan Trials
013. Urtain / Manual De Supervivencia Para Ilustres Decadentes
Baila Cómo John Travolta
014. The Secret Sisters / You Don’t Owe Me Anymore
Tennessee River Runs Love
015. J Marco / Days of Surrender
Love Don’t Matter
016. Average Times / Seconds
Forget Me Now
017. Emily Duff / Maybe In The Morning
Bomp Bomp
018. Hot Water Music / Light It Up
Hold Out
019. Pacific Radio / Pretty, But Killing Me
Show Me
020. Kings & Associates / Tales Of A Rich Girl
All That’s Good
021. Willie Campbell & The Open Day Rotation / New Clouds In Motion
Mary Rest Your Head
022. Xavier Calvet / Firebird
Summer Promotion
023. The Empire Strikes / High Tide
Devils Gospel for the Wicked and the Rude
024. Colony House / Only The Lonely
Was It Me
025. Yoru No Strangers / Itsuka Haretahini  
ハローポニーボーイ Hello Ponyboy

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