Lo Mejor de Diciembre 2013 / Best December 2013



01. James Younger / Feelin’ American
Simple Things
02. Carbona / Panama
Ela Cospe Gafanhotos Quando Fala
03. The Len Price 3 / Nobody Knows
My Grandad Jim
04. The Real Danger / Down And Out
Can’t Stand
05. The Last / Danger
Unreal Love
06. Magic Eight Ball / Sorry We’re Late But We’re Worth The Wait
Sunday Mornings
07. The Great American Novel / : (
Rad Education
08. Parade / Amor Y Ruido
Amor Alien
09. Badger / Stars, Guitars & Motorcars
I Tell You What You Wanna Hear
10. Broadcaster / A Million Hours
The Current
11. Fruition / Just One Of Them Nights
Boil Over
12. Nightmare Boyzzz / Bad Patterns
My Body Breaks Down
13. First Base / First Base
You Can Come Over
14. Zebrahead / Call Your Friends
Until The Sun Comes Up
15. Bill Janovitz / Walt Whitman Mall
Long Island
16. The Calamity / A Ghost Of These Moments
King Of This World
17. Zach Jones / The Days
Time For A Change
18. Teenage Exorcists / Teenage Exorcists
White Girl Swag
19. Sheboygan / Triple Fantasy
Needle Hits The Groove
20. The Candy Strypers / Greatest Hits
In The Rain
21. Brendan Benson / You Were Right
She’s Trying To Poison Me
22. Don Blake / P.O.P. Music (The Ep Collection)
Warp Zones
23. The Avett Brothers / Magpie And The Dandelion
Another Is Waiting
24. Sons Of Buddha / Didoudam
Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance To The Radio
25. Kevin Devine And The Goddamn Band / Bubblegum

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