best albums july 2015 mixtape

01. What’s Eating Gilbert / That New Sound You’re Looking For
The Way She Loves Me
02. Great Cynics / I Feel Weird
I Went Swimming
03. Brian Jay Cline / Trick Photography
In Other Words
04. Bad Cop-Bad Cop / Not Sorry
Anti Love Song
05. Radioactivity / Silent Kill
I Know
06. Mischief Brew / This Is Not For Children
City Of Black Fridays
07. The Kingbees / Sugarrush
08. Bachman / Heavy Blues
Confessin’ To The Devil
09. Kill Vargas / Agitator

No One Around
10. The Raygun Cowboys / Heads Are Gonna Roll
Until Next Time
11. Benjamin Folke Thomas / Rogue State Of Mind
Dream About You Baby
12. Five Minute Major / Black Sheep
Highway Of Hope
13. Mr. Irish Bastards / The World. The Flesh & The Devil
Grey Grey Grass
14. Plain White T’s / American Nights
Here Come That Sunrise
15. Eric Charles Band / Can You Feel It
In For The Ride
16. Gurus / Espacio Abierto
In The Cloud
17. Sparkfarmer / Thrill Ride
Live Together
18. Ike Reilly / Born On Fire

Hangin’ Around
19. Black Cat Rebellion / Lovers Of The Bizarre
Kiss Me Kamikaze
20. Reno Bo / Lessons From A Shooting Star
Sweetheart Deal
21. Joel Plaskett / The Park Avenue Sobriety Test
Broken Heart Songs
22. The Damnwells / The Damnwells
Kill Me
23. Ben Lee / Love Is The Great RebellionThe Way She Loves Me
24. Burger Weekends / Fat Mutation
My Babe
25. Jeremy Porter & The Tucos / Above The Sweet Tea Line
Sounds Like Goodbye

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