Best Albums September 2014

01. The Bat Bites / The Bat Bites
02. Ramma Lamma / Ice Cream
Hot Stuff
03. Buffalo Clover / Test Your Love
The Ruse
04.The Nuclears / This Is How We Party
Baby You Know I Love You (But You Gotta Stop Bringing Me Down)
05. Literature / Chorus
Tie-Dye (Your Life)
06. The Victim Party / Getting To Know The Victim Party
Matt Woo (And You Can Too)
07. New Swears / Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever
Midnight Lovers
08. Fur Coats / League Of Extraordinary Octopuses
Goddamn, I’m A Handsome Man
09. Robbie Boyd / So Called Man
I Won’t Let You Go
10. Supertempo / 29
Blue Rock
11. Sloan / Commonwealth
You’ve Got A Lot On Your Mind
12. The Matadors / Say You Love Satan
The Bringer Of Light
13. Baby Ghosts / Maybe Ghosts
14. Landia / Grandes Éxitos Vol.1
Cielo Infierno
15. The Midwest Beat / Free Of Beign
Blank Stares
16. Old Crow Medicine Show / Remedy
Shit Creek
17. Sam Page / The Slog In Uncertainty
18. Mike Farris / Shine For All The People
This Little Light
19. Dann Morr & The Dashing Bastard Sideshow / Shouting Into The Wind
Drive Around
20. The Interrupters / The Interrupters
Haven`t Seen The Last Of Me
21. The Struts / Everybody Wants
Put Your Money On Me
22. Counting Crows / Somewhere Under Wonderland
Cover Up The Sun
23. Parsonsfield / Afterparty
Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me
24. Cliff Hillis / Song Machine
Could You Be The Enemy
25. Blues Pills / Blues Pills
High Class Woman

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