Lo Mejor de Febrero 2013 / Best February 2013


Best February 2013

01. Bad Religion-True North
The Island
02. Fidlar-Fidlar
No Waves
03. Bryan Estepa-Heart Vs Mind
04. Pure Love-Anthems
Handsome Devils Club
05. Harry Connick Jr.-Smokey Mary
Nola Girl
06. Lucy Michelle-Attack Of The Heart
Beat Like Mine
07. Pool Party-Pool Party Party
Pool Party Party
08. The Hypnic Jerks-Stay Home
09. A Fragile Tomorrow-Be Nice Be Careful
Dropout Reunion
10. The Fieri Piano-Second Space
More Like A Tiger, Less Like A Dove
11. Jodee Purkeypile-Messenger
Wired Wrong
12. Swingin’ Utters-Poorly Formed
Stuck In A Circle
13. Warm Soda-Someone For You
Jeanine Loves Pop
14. Wild Party-Phantom Pop
Lo-Fi Children
15. The Little Ones–The Dawn Song Along
Super Bros.
16. Low Culture-Screens
Waste The Day Away
17. Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors-Good Light
Nothing Like A Woman
18. Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown-Wild Child
Still Young (Hey Kids)
19. Keith Lubrant-Who I Am
Call Of The Search
20. Pear-Logical 1, Logical 0 (L1L0)
21. Christopher Owens-Lysandre
Part of Me (Lysandre’s Epilogue)
22. Dropkick Murphys-Signed And Sealed In Blood
Don’t Tear Us Apart
23. Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside-Untamed Beast
Roll Around
24. The Bad News-The Bad News
No Place To Go
25.Eels-Wonderful, Glorious (Deluxe)
You’re My Friend

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