BEST MUSIC ALBUMS OCTOBER 001. Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott / Crooked Calypso
I Gotta Praise
002. Cock Sparrer / Forever
Nothing Like You
003. Drunken Dolly / Alcoholic Rhapsody
Hold On
004. The Len Price 3 / Kentish Longtails
Lisa Baker
005. The Crazy Squeeze / Savior Of The Streets
Blind Truth
006. Worriers / Survival Pop
Future Me
007. The Morbeats / The Great Songs Of The Morbeats
Motorbeat Girl
008. El Goodo / By Order Of The Moose
It Makes Me Wonder
009. The Dukes Of Bordello / Lowdown ‘n’ Dirty
Scream If You Wanna Go Faster
010. The Stanleys / The Stanleys Debut Album
011. Ringo Starr / Give More Love
We’re On The Road Again
012. Wesley Fuller / Inner City Dream
#1 Song
013. Russkaja / Kosmopoliturbo
La Música
014. The Lords Of Altamont / The Wild Sounds Of…
Going Downtown
015. The Bronx / Brvnx (V)
Side Effects
016. A Page Of Punk アページオブパンク/ Punk Day~美しい日~
それでも夜は明ける – Soredemo yoru wa akeru – Still The Night Will Come
017. Mad Man’s Crew / Riot Without Weapons
Anthem Of The Anarchists
018. The Two Tens / On Repeat
Crushed Me
019. The Darkness / Pinewood Smile
Buccaneers of Hispaniola
020. Sloming Moops / Dance Drool
Get Along
021. Damian Cowell’s Disco Machine / Get Yer Dag On!
Come On Waleed (Featuring Henry Rollins And Liz Stringer)
022. Mattiel / Mattiel
Count Your Blessings
023. Tj Mayes / Dig It Up!
Devil Is A Woman
024. Fanny Lumsden / Real Class Act
Roll On
025. Märvel / At The Sunshine Factory
Goodluck Sandy

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Damian Cowell’s Disco Machine / Get Yer Dag On!

Damian Cowell’s Disco Machine

Get Yer Dag On! (2017)

Come On Waleed

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