Lo Mejor de Junio 2013 / Best June 2013


01. The Front Bottoms / Talon Of The Hawk
Santa Monica
02. Kitty In A Casket / Bittersweet
Nighttime Sky
03. Houndmouth / From The Hills Below The City
Casino (Bad Things)
04. Wyldlife / The Time Has Come To Rock & Roll
Saturday Night
05. The Woggles / The Big Beat Do The Git
Get Down
06. T-Shirt Weather / Having A Bad Time
My Life Is Brilliant And Everyone Thinks I’m Class
07. James Skelly & The Intenders / Love Undercover
08. Late Cambrian / Peach
Ryan Gosling (Remaster)
09. Black Star Riders / All Hell Breaks
Loose Bound For Glory
10. The Joy Of Painting / Tender Age
Good Mood
11. Gru / Welcome Sucker To Candyland
12. Waldorf Histeria / Waldorf Histeria
Guapo, Rico Y Distinguido
13. Boat / Pretend To Be Brave
This Isn’t How I Pictured It
14. Treetop Flyers / The Mountain Moves
15. Sonicbouquet / Bloom
In Another World
16. Happy New Year / The Morning After The Night Before
Daddy, What’s A Record Shop
17. Michael Stanley / The Ride
Take That Ride
18. The Dimestore Junkies / With No Permission To Land
Where Loose Ends Meet
19. The Arteries / Restless
Bleed Away
20. The Vibrators / On The Guest List
Long Beach Police (With James Donovan Y Lorne Behrman “The Dead Tricks”)
21. Hanni El Khatib / Head In The Dirt
22. Frankie & The Heartstrings / The Days Run Away
Right Noises
23. The Solicitors / Made To Measure
Pretty Penny
24. The Cheap Cassettes / All Anxious, All The Time
Get Low
25. Liar’s Club / Come And Go
There You Go Again

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The Vibrators / On The Guest List

The Vibrators

On The Guest List (2013)

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