Lo Mejor de Octubre 2013 / Best October 2013


01. Stiletto Boys / Liberator
Self Destruction
02. Bowling For Soup / Lunch. Drunk. Love.
Right About Now
03. The Mandates / The Mandates
Gotta Forget That Girl
04. Tim Vantol / If We Go Down, We Will Go Together!
I Could Have Been A Dancer
05. The Mergers / Monkey See, Monkey Do
All I Can Do
06. The Mowgli’s / Waiting For The Dawn
San Francisco
07. The Starkins / Soundcloud 2013 Songs
Sunset Valley
08. Glenn Robinson / Modern Mistakes
09. The Rockin’ Pneumonias / Attack!!!
Do You Understand
10. Rough Kids / The Sate I’m In
Going Blank
11. Ivan Müdd / Spaceminister
Read My Mind
12. Sweet Talk / Pickup Lines
13. Sweatshop Boys / The Great Depression
I Don’t Accept Any Call Today
14. Cyanide Pills / Still Bored
Dance With You
15. Aggressors B.C / The Tone Of The Times
Wish Your Life Away
16. First In Space / Greatest Hits Vol. III
17. Rock N Roll Television / Dumb Channel-Channel Dumb
18. Adrian Bourgeois / Pop/Art
Have It Your Way
19. Superchunk / I Hate Music
20. Pink Wine / Pink Wine
Point The Blame
21. Silver Sun / A Lick And A Promise
Little Wonder
22. Ulysses / Kill You Again
23. The Candles / La Candelaria
Right Behind
24. Cardboard Villains / Cardboard Villains
Hello Blue
25. Michael Mazzarella / Love In Laureltide Green
Love Is The Thing

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