Lo Mejor de Enero / Best January

Lo Mejor de Enero / Best January



01. Zatopeks / About Bloody Time
02. Sweet Teens / Terminal Grouse
The Trouble With You
03. The Musgraves / You That Way, I This Way
So Sofia
04. Bree / All American Girl
Do You Wanna Love Me
05. F.O.D. / Ontario
06. The Head And The Heart / Let’s Be Still
My Friends
07. Dirty Fences / Too High To Kross
Under Your Leather
08. Jacob Jones / Good Timin’ In Waynetown
Don’t Cry For Me
09. Jonny Cola & The A / Grades / Spitfire
Tropical Beach
10. Skizophonic / Velodrome
No-Light Men
11. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts / Unvarnished
Bad As We Can Be
12. The Histrionics / The Cannon
13. Neon Bone / Throw It All Away
Who’s That Guy Kissing My Girl
14. Great Apes / Thread
The Fine Art Of Holtzing
15. Tommy And The Cougars With Heart / Heartbreak Macht Frei
Joe The Teeth
16. Glitz / It’z Glitz
17. The Animen / Hi!
The Road Taken
18. Tough / Four
More Than Ever
19. The Summervilles / Twelve Ways To Fuck Up Before Breakfast
Sudden Death Casino
20. El Drogas / Demasiado Tonto En La Corteza
Qué Mal Rato
21. J Prozac / Here Is My Heart
Love Shines Thru
22. Segwei / Soul Deep
Hole In The Sky (Coalsack)
23. Brett Detar / Too Free To Live
Satan’s Foot On My Neck
24. Wax Witches / Celebrity Beatings
I Hate Your Guts
25. Braincoats / Bad Dreams & Tumbleweeds

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