Lo Mejor del 2013 / Best 2013

01 The Crunch / Busy Making Noise
Street Flavour
02 Lyn Saga / Venice
The Only One
03 Great Cynics / Like I Belong
Back To Hackney
04 Youth Avoiders / Youth Avoiders
Oil Slick
05 Stiletto Boys / Liberator
Self Destruction
06 Bowling For Soup / Lunch. Drunk. Love.
Right About Now
07 Streetlight Manifesto / Hands That Thieve
They Broke Him Down
08 Willie Nile / American Ride
This Is Our Time
09 Zatopeks / About Bloody Time
10 Sweet Teens / Terminal Grouse
The Trouble With You
11 The Musgraves / You That Way, I This Way
So Sofia
12 James Younger / Feelin’ American
Simple Things
13 Radio Days / Get Some Action
Get Some Action
14 The Mandates / The Mandates
Gotta Forget That Girl
15 Captain, We’re Sinking / The Future Is Cancelled
You Have Flaws
16 Off With Their Heads / Home
Always Alone
17 The Thermals / Desperate Ground
Born To Kill
18 The Blendours / Here We Go Again…Again + Drama Queen
Teenage Drag Queen
19 The Monroes / Call It Rock’n’roll
Elvis On My Mind
20 Bree / All American Girl
Do You Wanna Love Me
21 Carbona / Panama
Ela Cospe Gafanhotos Quando Fala
22 Vegas With Randolph / Rings Around The Sun
Nikki’s Plan
23 The Front Bottoms / Talon Of The Hawk
Santa Monica
24 Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band / Promises To Deliver
You Can Count On Me Tonight
25 Tim Vantol / If We Go Down, We Will Go Together!
I Could Have Been A Dancer
26 The Mergers / Monkey See, Monkey Do
All I Can Do
27 F.O.D. / Ontario
28 The Mowgli’s / Waiting For The Dawn
San Francisco
29 The Yum Yums / Play Good Music
Let’s Go Baby
30 Kitty In A Casket / Bittersweet
Nighttime Sky
31 The Len Price 3 / Nobody Knows
My Grandad Jim
32 The Connection / Let It Rock
33 The Real Danger / Down And Out
Can’t Stand
34 The Electric Soft Parade / Idiots
35 The Last / Danger
Unreal Love
36 The Gateway District / Old Wild Hearts
Tell You Why
37 Houndmouth / From The Hills Below The City
Casino (Bad Things)
38 The Head And The Heart / Let’s Be Still
My Friends
39 Magic Eight Ball / Sorry We’re Late But We’re Worth The Wait
Sunday Mornings
40 Primitive Hearts / High & Tight
Must Be Nice
41 The Starkins / Soundcloud 2013 Songs
Sunset Valley
42 Modern Kicks / Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Anti / Hero
No Stranger
43 David Ford / Charge
Perfect Soul
44 Glenn Robinson / Modern Mistakes
45 The Braces / Two Years
46 The Great American Novel / : (
Rad Education
47 Parade / Amor Y Ruido
Amor Alien
48 The Filaments / Land Of Lions
Land Of Lions
49 Jetty Boys / Let ‘Er Rip!
Speechless And Blinking
50 Big Eyes / Almost Famous
Nothing You Could Say

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