01. Timmy Sean / Songs Of The Week I
Gimme Everything
02. Ricky Warwick / When Patsy Cline Was Crazy (and Guy Mitchell Sang The Blues)
Gold Along The Cariboo
03. The Connection / Labor Of Love
Don’t Come Back
04. Daveit Ferris / February + March + May
Caffeine & Coffeecups
05. A Thousand Horses / Southernality
Sunday Morning
06. Not Scientists / Destroy To Rebuild
07. Dwayne / Dwayne
I Had It All
08. Specialthanks / Missa
Straight Edge
09. Mono In Stereo / Long For Yesterday
Born Again To Lose
10. Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts / Blaster
Beach Pop
11. Sweet John Bloom / Weird Prayer
New Identity Crisis
12. Dave Steen & Jailhouse Tattoo / Town Full Of Secrets
Climb Up the Ladder
13. The Piniellas / Struck Out Looking
Struck Out Looking
14. Anderson East / Delilah
Quit You
15. Twisted / Utopia
16. The Wellgreen / Summer Rain
17. Lindi Ortega / Faded Gloryville
I Ain’t the Girl
18. The Casanovas / Terra Casanova
Day In Day Out
19. Sauna Youth / Distractions
20. The Fantastic 5 / The Revenge Of Pancho Villa
21. The Raw Nerves / More Nerves
Let Me Listen To Your Problems
22. Baby Chaos / Skulls, Skulls, Skulls, Show Me The Glory
Poison Ivy Girls
23. The Uptown Savages / Rock ‘N’ Roll With You
Drinkin’ Beer
24. The Mor(R)Ons / Yin Punk
Taking Back The Music
25. Bhi Bhiman / Rhythm & Reason
Waterboarded (In Love)

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