01. Kurt Baker / Play It Cool
Enough’s Enoug
02. Diamond Dogs / Quitters And Complainers
Alright, Alright, Alright
03. The Role Models / The Go-To Guy
Saturday Night Sailor
04. Mulehead / Forever Out Of Tune
Head Around
05. Screeching Weasel / Baby Fat Act 1
06. Travel Lanes / Let’s Begin To Start Again
Little Outta Love
07. The Originators / Be My Baby
Dumb Thing
08. Ryan Hamilton / Hell Of A Day
Respond To My Email (You Bitch)
09. The Front Bottoms / Back On Top
10. The Allrightniks / Two Places At One Time
11. Imperial State Electric / Honk Machine
All Over My Head
12. Wyatt Funderburk / Transients (1999-2009)
Feeling Good Tonight
13. Sports Fan / Minor Hits In Major Keys
Little White Lies
14. The Playtones / It’s Alright
Volvo 142
15. One Like Son / Classic
The Devil’s Smile
16. Darlene Love / Introducing Darlene Love
Jesus Is The Rock (That Keeps Me Rollin’)
17. British India / Nothing Touches Me
Right By Your Side
18. Royal Headache / High
Another World
19. Chris Daniels & The Kings / Funky To The Bone
Something You Got
20. Sheppard / Bombs Away
21. The White Buffalo / Love And The Death Of Damnation
Modern Times
22. The Sunbathers / Dreamin’ Of You
Over And Over Again
23. They Might Be Giants / Glean
24. Woolen Men / Temporary Monument
Clean Dreams
25. The Strypes / Little Victories
Fill The Spaces In

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