BEST 2015


01. Daveit Ferrris / January + February + March + April + May + June + July + August
Sleep With You
02. The Crunch / Brand New Brand
25 Hours A Day
03. Angelic Upstarts / Bullingdon Bastards
Man Of Straw
04. Red City Radio / Red City Radio
Whatcha Got?
05. Danny And The Champions Of The World / What Kind Of Love
Can I Change My Mind ?
05. Kurt Baker / Play It Cool
Enough’s Enough
05. Sweet Talk / Double Perfect
Borrow Your Stuff
05. What’s Eating Gilbert / That New Sound You’re Looking For

The Way She Loves Me
05. White Reaper / White Reaper Does It Again
Wolf Trap Hotel
10. The Ordinary Boys / The Ordinary Boys
Almost Ready
11. The Webstirs / Now You’ve Really Done It
Mystery Spot
12. Diamond Dogs / Quitters And Complainers
Alright, Alright, Alright
13. Baby Shakes / Starry Eyes
I’ll Be Alright
13. Great Cynics / I Feel Weird
I Went Swimming
13. Mulehead / Forever Out Of Tune
Head Around
13. The Role Models / The Go – To Guy

Saturday Night Sailor
17. The Regressives / The Regressives
Long Time Coming
18. Dana Countryman / Pop3! Welcome To My Time Warp!
Run Back Into My Arms
18. Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities / Sincerely Yours… Greatest Hits Vol. I
Rocket Car
20. Jeff Rosenstock / We Cool ?
20. Skinny Lister / Down On Deptford Broadway
Trouble On Oxford Street
20. The Barbecuties / Go Down With Style
Breaking Me (And Up With You)
20. The Jetz / Cracked Up

Find Another Way
24. Timmy Sean / Songs Of The Week
Gimme Everything
25. Brian Jay Cline / Trick Photography
In Other Words
25. Ricky Warwick / When Patsy Cline Was Crazy (and Guy Mitchell Sang The Blues)
Gold Along The Cariboo
25. The Connection / Labor Of Love
Don’t Come Back
25. The Wild Young Hearts / Feel Good
I Just Wanna Go Home
25. The Sensitives / Dogs On The Run
Breaking Down
30. Bad Cop – Bad Cop / Not Sorry
Anti Love Song
30. The Bob Corbett Band / Roovolution

The Kid In Us
32. The New Trocaderos / Thrills & Chills
By The Balls
33. Palma Violets / Danger In The Club
Danger In The Club
34. Screeching Weasel / Baby Fat Act 1
35. Nikki Hill / Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists
Oh My
35. The On And Ons / It’s The On And Ons Calling
Before Our Eyes
37. Afterpartees / Glitter Lizard
Girls Like You
37. Travel Lanes / Let’s Begin To Start Again
Little Outta Love
39. Chelsea / Saturday Night Sunday Morning
39. Mack Russell / Hold Me Back

When I Wake Up
41. Barrence Whitfield & The Savages / Under The Savage Sky
I’m A Full Grown Man
41. Everything Ever / Solid Ground
From Bellow
41. One Man Karaoke / Friends United
44. Outtacontroller / Television Zombie
Long Lake
44. Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott / Wisdom, Laughter And Lines
I Don’t See Them
44. The Doughboys / Hot Beat Stew
Shake It Loose
47. The Originators / Be My Baby

Dumb Thing
48. A Thousand Horses / Southernality
Sunday Morning
48. Scotland Girl / As I Am
Always With Love
50. Jennie & The Slingers / Tales Of The Unexpected
Money Cat

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