01. Heavy Tiger / Glitter
I Go for the Cheap Ones
02. The Fags / I’m With Her
Lost Weekend Blues
03. The Wild Young Hearts / Hoodlums
She’s High
04. The Drugstore Gypsies / The Drugstore Gypsies
Keep You Rollin’ On
05. The Bluebonnets / Tonewrecker
Don’t Walk, Run
06. Les Wampas / Evangelisti
07. C J Ramone / American Beauty
08. The Priceduifkes / Goathorse
Too Busy Having A Blast
09. The Pillows / Nook In The Brain
Ōsama ni nare 王様になれ Be a king
10. Dan Baird And The Homemade Sin / Rollercoaster
Shake It Til It’s Sore
11. Biznaga / Sentido Del Espectáculo
Mediocridad y Confort
12. Greg Kihn Band / Rekihndled
Big Pink Flamingos
13. Satan Takes A Holiday / Aliens
The Beat
14. The Boop / Power My Pop !
15. The Lunar Laugh / Mama’s Boy
Work In Progress
16. Hollerado / Born Yesterday
Born Yesterday
17. Polish Club / Alright Already
Come Party
18. Michael Slawter / An Assassination Of Someone You Knew
Count To 10
19. Flatfoot 56 / Odd Boat
20. New Rocket Union / New Rocket Union
C’mon C’mon
21. Samantha Fish / Chills & Fever
Somebody’s Always Trying
22. Brad Pot / Brad Pot
Air Strike
23. Compass & Cavern / Before It Begins
I Can’t Complain
24. Michael Connors / True To The Dollar
Lean It on Back
25. The Hits / Hard Nut
Don’t Sing

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