BEST MUSIC ALBUMS AUGUST 201701. Kilmaine Saints / Whiskey Blues & Faded Tattoos
Mingulay Boat Song
02. The Surfin’ Lungs / Surf Factor 8
Bring On The Summer
03. United Bottles / The Spirit And The Legacy
Working Class Victims
04. Skip Church / Out Of Tune, In Touch With The Devil
His Fortune
05. The Sherlocks / Live For The Moment
Was It Really Worth It?
06. Warm Soda / I Don’t Wanna Grow Up
Tell Me In A Whisper
07. Johnny Ray Jones / Feet Back In The Door
Hard Times Won
08. Los De Marras / Reamanecer
009. Temporary Roads / Hero
10. Lucien Lamotte / Crazy In My Step
Gardens Of Stone
11. Needles//Pins / Good Night, Tomorrow
12. Rob Jennings / The World Was On My Side
Little One
13. The Cunninghams / Break Out
14. The Rippers / A Gut Feeling
I Saw A Man
15. Nine Stories / Cinéma Vérité
Renoir Retiro
16. Banditos / Visionland
Fine Fine Day
17. Ben Bostick / Ben Bostick
After The Rain
18. Boogie Patrol / Man On Fire
Whole Lotta Gravy
19. Daniel & The Real Feels / Classic Entertainment
City Girlfriends
20. Gemma & The Travellers / Too Many Rules & Games
Save Me
21. Joanna Lee / So Free
22. Reese Mchenry With Spider Bags / Bad Girl
Mexico City
23. Svetlanas / This Is Moscow Not LA
Vodka N’ Roll
24. Trip Wire / Cold Gas Giants
Carrie’s Uptight
25. Ajr / The Click
Sober Up

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